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For Therapists

What is The Imaginators Programme?

An online programme delivered over 7 weeks which:

  • Makes Mindset Management accessible and fun
  • Increases understanding of what stress is and how to manage it effectively - works to inoculate against stress overload
  • Teaches skills for the practical application of imagination
  • Establishes an understanding of how the body and mind work together
  • Teaches a variety of techniques to access the resources which enable you to create positive, rational responses to challenges.

Who for?

  • Individuals who want to increase their skill set for preventing stress overload and the related issues
  • Therapists, teachers and parents working with children
  • School
  • A toolkit for mindset management!

The Programme in a nutshell

1 Imagination, our bodies and our minds

2 The Stress Factor

3 Guided Visualisation

4 Starting to meditate by yourself

5 Getting Organised

6 Self-hypnosis

7 Targeted self-hypnosis

Why would a trained therapist want to use the Imaginators Programme?

You are quite possibly a very well trained, experienced therapist - possibly a hypnotherapist, and yes - you probably already know a lot of the stuff in the programme!  However as a therapist, you are most likely seeing people after their stress or anxiety have become a problem.

We all know those people who will only take care of their mind, body or spirit when something goes wrong - not necessarily because that's how they want to be - often because they don't know any better, or they choose not to take care believing they are invincible.

I have created The Imaginators Programme to offer people long term skills which they can incorporate into their daily lives and use to prevent future problems from overwhelming them.  Based on my experience working particularly with children, including many with SEN, I have recognised that making skills simple, effective and memorable enables them to make each one their own. 

By taking the time to work your way through The Programme you will have simple tools which you can share with your clients, patients and your own children just like any other ongoing training can be used.

The Imaginators Programme has a number of audio downloads and worksheets which make applying skills more effective and I do ask that they remain as they are with their copyright untouched, but beyond that there is nothing I would love more than for you to use the parts which work for you and your clients whenever you like.

With the current low fee for the programme I also request that you don't share your access to the course, but am happy to offer discount codes if you would like to share the opportunity with your clients or colleagues.

You can get the Programme here.

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