Self-care Corner

A Complete Toolkit of Self-care  Techniques 

Now is the perfect time to learn new ways to support your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. You can complete each exercise in Self-Care Corner in under 10 minutes, making them accessible for you, anytime, anywhere.

The ever growing offering includes:

  • Guided meditation downloads
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Basic meditation and mindfulness guidance
  • Guided hypnosis downloads
  • Relaxation techniques such as Indian Head Massage
  • Guest sessions by other practitioners
  • Laughter yoga
  • Hypnotic happiness 

One small payment gives you access to everything in Self-Care Corner for 3 months and access is free to NHS staff and carers working with the elderly and vulnerable.

The audio downloads are already in use by members of the NHS

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In Self-care Corner you will:

~ Learn how to easily use mindfulness in your daily life

- no frills or complicated terminology, just simple ways to release stress by being in the moment.  

~ Access meditation downloads

- keep them to hand for when you need a short break

~ Learn how to use self-care techniques to release physical tension

- short, specific massage routines to use on yourself

~Access hypnosis downloads

- processes which relax and focus upon specific areas such as motivation or sleep

~ Mini Laughter Yoga Sessions

- release and reinvigorate with laughter


If you have a specific request, let me know and if it can be included in Self-Care Corner, it will be.


Over the coming weeks there will be more additions, created both by me and my amazing group of colleagues.

You pay just once for 3 months access and if you work for the NHS or are a carer for the elderly or vulnerable members of society, you get it all free.


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Once you have made your payment you will have access to not only everything already in 'Self-care Corner' but also everything added for the next 3 months!


All videos and recordings are under 10 minutes each, enabling you to get relaxation and stress release quickly and easily, even when you are really busy!

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  • Valuable exercises - all under 10 minutes long
  • Downloads to support you anywhere, anytime
  • Learn new skills to release stress, lower anxiety and be happier
  • One off payment of  £30 
  • Free access for NHS staff and carers

Kate says, "You are amazing! Thank you. I have just posted all three into the group and many of the nurses have come back and said thank you. One of the nurses fears that she has the virus as her sister is extremely unwell, it’s just what she needed! Thank you"  

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