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Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck........ must be a duck??

imaginators resilience Mar 08, 2018

Most of us start life with a great imaginations, and some people retain and use them throughout their lives.  Others, for a variety of reasons, have theirs quashed and forget how to use them.  The good news is that with a little help and gentle nurturing, it is never too late to re-awaken that precious skill and learn how to apply our imaginations, in a practical way, to every aspect of our lives.

Now, I’m not talking about unrealistic fantasies here, but a practical exercise in seeing possibilities and potential in ourselves, our lives and our environment. This in turn helps us create a powerful Mindset to facilitate successful change using our innate talents and strengths.

There are so many examples of ways we apply our imagination to create new realities.   For example, in business,  by dressing as though you are already a level up on the career ladder you are more likely to gain fast promotion. Why? Because when we apply our imagination to how it would be if something was already a reality, our Mindset believes it is so, and the world believes it too.  (In other words you walk the walk, talk the talk and everyone, including you starts to believe.) 

Imagination can also affect your broader environment. A foreman involved in the building of the Olympic Park in London once told me that the construction workers who could imagine the finished stadium were able to work more safely and effectively than those who couldn’t “see it”.  His preference for people with a sound ability to apply their imaginations practically would actually save the company money and reduce the likelihood of accidents on the construction site.

Our imagination is a brilliant motivator.  Whenever we decide to make a change,  we can imagine the effect it will have on our future and the stronger that idea is, the more likely we are to succeed. By imagining something is already so, our brains start to wire up for that reality.

I’d like to share an outline of a simple—yet powerful way of applying  your imagination to make lasting personal changes.

1. Decide on the change you want to make (take some time here as you want to set the right goal for you)

2. Imagine looking at yourself a month, 6 months or a year in the  future when you have already made the desired changes

3. Notice what has changed; how it feels to have already made your changes; how other things or people have been affected

4. Reflect on the obstacles to your success and how you overcame them

5. Start to make changes now, knowing you are already fully equipped with the tools to apply. 

An Imaginator achieves change through the practical application of imagination. 

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