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3 things which prevent you reaching your full potential

Sometimes our thinking gets stuck. We can find it hard to move our focus beyond a thought which limits us and we fail to achieve our full potential. There can be unconscious barriers set up along the way and they can affect us throughout our lives. There are emotions and thought processes which we hold onto and unconsciously allow to dominate our reactions to our own thoughts, our environment and the things other people say and do. Consider these and how they affect you. Sometimes simply noticing can help us rise above these blocks.


Whether we realise it or not, our mind will often unconsciously create defences to protect us from perceived threats, leading to stress which manifests in a variety of ways. Perhaps you can imagine a small part of your mind unconsciously behaving rather like a meerkat sentry, constantly alert and looking for danger. Of course, sometimes there really are threats, but there are also times when although our rational mind tells us everything is okay,...

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