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The Practical Application of Imagination – Innoculation against Stress and Anxiety

Over the last four years I have been working to create the online “Imaginators Programme” which launches on 23rd April 2018.

With 1 in 4 adults experiencing mental illness at some point in their lives, I hope to give people the skills to prevent some of the causes rather than wait to treat the illness.

Having been taught self-hypnosis by my Dad (also a hypnotherapist) as a teenager, i recognise the value of having a mind management toolkit constantly available.  My  passion for many years has been helping people to embrace the power of their imagination – first as a meditation teacher, then creating parties for young children using active meditative techniques and now as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach based in my clinic in Amersham.

The Programme offers techniques to access the imagination and apply it in a different, more beneficial way to create positive, rational responses to challenges.  These techniques enable you to learn how to better...

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